Reduce Conferencing Costs, Secure In House Conferencing, Integration With MS Outlook, Complete Control Emergency Communications for Rural Fire Depts, Air Port Crash Net and Replaces Tellabs Conference Phone  Completely Wireless System With Wireless Remote, Speaker and Mics Clear One Room Video Conference System/  Affordable HD Video Conference System Avaya Radvision Multi-Point Video Conference Bridge/ with iPad and Tablet Video Conference Software for Anywhere Video Conferencing

Conference Bridge for Audio, Video and Web Collaboration

Audio, Web, and Video Conferencing Solutions

Telcom-Data offers collaboration technologies including Conference Bridge, Conference Phones, Video Conferencing, and Hosted Conference Call Services. Teleconferencing is no longer a luxury, it is a strategic requirement to manage information effectively while also remaining competitive. From weekly sales meetings, help desk support, distance learning, and customer end user training offerings, conferencing offers a fast and inexpensive alternative to travel. Owning your own conference bridge can greatly reduce travel expenses and is customizable to your speicfic needs. Telcom-Data carries the best in conference call bridges by manufacturers such as Polycom, Sonexis, Forum Communications, XOP Networks, and Compunetix.  

Outsourcing conference calls to a conference call service can be cost effective for smaller businesses; however, frequent users will notice ample savings from owning their own in-house system. Most of our customers experience a return on investment in a few months with additional benefits when switching from a service to an in house system. Installing a conference bridge is easy Telcom & Data can install and setup your audio and web Conferencing Bridge in an afternoon. We offer bridges solutions for Government, Business, and Military applications from small 8 port analog audio conference systems to new state of the art custom VoIP and SIP Audio and Web Conferencing that go up to 10,000 ports.

Our conferences bridges are affordable, fully featured, and most of all secure. Conference bridges can be accessed through a company's internal phone system for intercom-like access to the conference or the system can be co-located. Some of the features include reservation and reservationless conferencing, integration with Outlook and Lotus Notes, polling, conference recording, web based administration, and web conferencing.

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